Young patients

Sadile Dental is a Dentistry Centre located in Succivo, which is dedicated to provide exceptional dental care for young patients.

Our Dentists have been trained in the University of Naples “Federico II” one of the oldest and prestigious universities in Europe.

Studio Sadile is an accredited clinic by the U.S. Naval Hospital, the ANDI (National Association of Italian Dentists) and our director and founder Dr. Gennaro Sadile is an accredited member of the Italian Academy of Microscopic Dentistry (AIOM).

Always striving for perfection, our professional team delivers excellent dental results in a comfortable and hi-tech environment.


Prevention treatment

Dedicated treatment

Bastano pochi minuti per prevenire lesioni del cavo orale e farsi un autoesame della bocca.
Guarda il video diffuso da ANDI:
- Igiene orale e prevenzione
- Medicina orale
- Protesi
- Parodontologia
- Chirurgia orale
- Odontoiatria estetica
- Ortodonzia
- Implantologia